Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Love Islander!

Last year I never got the buzz from the popular, twisted love reality show.

I didn't even give it a try if I am honest, I seriously could think of better things to spend my time on and found the constant babble about it annoying, but this year I have caught on to how addictive the show is! I wouldn't say I was a fan girl or anything, but I do go glossy eyed at the mention of a contestant!

I don't completely hate the heavily made up, greased up, scantily clad people that walk around the 'love island' as much as I thought. There is a part of me that finds myself staring way too long at one of the sexy males thighs or even the many pairs of boobs....(seriously, they have underboob out any can one even look away?

I mean, yeah...I am not a fan of Eyal...he talks way too much! And reminds me of Ramsey from Game of Thrones with his annoying drone! And I don't really like Adam, who seriously loves himself WAY too much..... does he realise that he looks a bit of a numpty at times...but I am enjoying watching the 'Big Brother' style show. 

To say that I look forward to watching it each evening would be the GODS Honest Truth! :D 

I was disappointed to find that Niall had left though, he was my favourite! I loved how he spoke, he wasn't too 'muggy' at all. 

The coupling and re-coupling of the males and females does my head in a little....I know its a show, but I just cant get my head around someone snogging one person one day and then spooning someone else the next...but maybe I am getting old and boring!

What I would like is a big old drunken punch up! I would love to see DR Alex kick off and beat the shit out of Eyal....That would be entertaining to see! That Dr has took way too much shit already. Nobody fancies him! Nobody wants to pair up with him, except for Somali who is kind of in the same boat....and he is already second best to the other 'knob-jockeys'.

What is wrong with those girls? Alex is probably the best looking guy in there! Are they insane??

DR Alex is hot to trot!

S x

Sunday, 10 June 2018

Love Island

Last year I missed all the hype about Love Island.
I have never really been a fan of Caroline Flack and she helped to steer me clear of the show. As the popularity of it took off then I wished I had followed from the first episode but there was way too much to catch up on so I just gave up.

This year, I told myself that I was going to give it ago.

Yeah, sure the annoying Flack woman is presenting it, but so far I have only seen her once.

And Yeah, the girls make me want to slap fake tan on and saunter around in a bikini (If I owned a bikini).

Sure, the boys make my eyes pop out of my head as they flex their pecks, which are always shiny! The type of shine which attracts the eye and has you following the contours of the many muscles they are harbouring. 

And yeah, the romances are as fake as 'knock-off' perfume from a market seller...

...But I still find myself switching in to see what is happening, everyday. 

I already love Dani - She is Danny Dyers daughter and she is charming and funny, reminding me a bit of Stacey Solomon. 

I find it funny to watch the couplings; those that are forced and those that seem to be moving towards a more serious nature. 

Tonight 3 new people came to the island to shake things up a bit! 2 Guys and 1 Girl!

It may sound sad.....but I am looking forward to tomorrows episode!

I am a Love Islander Groupie!

Driving me Mad

It has been almost 18 months now since I started driving and little by little my love of it is waning because people are such JERKS on the road!

When Stew drove (before his accident) I used to laugh at his 'road-rage' moments. You know the ones! He's driving along, someone cuts him up or doesn't give way and he swore and called them all the 'colourful' words he could think of. I used to laugh, I put it down to him being hot-headed and I even commented that he should let it go over his head and ignore them....just concentrate on driving, I said.

Man, I was a knob! Because I now understand the anger from having a 'rubbish' driver around you...and little did I know that there are SO many of them.

I never remember noticing the 'pillocks' too much on my driving lessons, but I notice them now.

If they aren't overtaking you because you aren't going quick enough on a 30mph road or not giving right of way on an island; or reversing at you and checking their blind-spots enough then they are driving so far up your arse, they are almost in the car with you.

My biggest bug-bear is when they don't give right of way though, especially on an island. Not the usual moments when they don't see you come round the bend on an island, I have enough time to see them and slow down...that doesn't bother me too much, even if I do huff a little, but I have had people pull out at the last second and I have had to pretty much STOP on an island as they saunter past, always looking straight ahead, never looking back at the car they cut up in case they get the ever needed 'Wanker' hand gesture.

When I first learnt to drive, I enjoyed it a lot more than I do now. But the 'bumholes' on the roads kill my love of driving.

Lets not even get started on the kids on bikes who ride right 'smack-bang' in the middle of the road whilst looking back at you smugly as you are forced to drive at 5mph!

No...lets not mention them!